Published on: 11/04/2020 01:48 PM

If you're following along on our Wellness Wednesday journey, this month's focus was on physical health but let's be real, we can all use any and all extra tips & tricks on taking care of our mental health this week so... we are here to drop some practical ways you can alleviate the anxiousness you may be feeling.
There is a lot out there right now that we can't control (Election results, COVID-19, etc) but, we can control our reaction to them and how they affect our well-being. 
Check out the challenges below for ideas on how to ease your stress levels this week (or any week really).
Social media is flooded with thoughts and opinions of all those you know and don't know. Instagram and Facebook both have activity tracking tools (Profile>Settings>Activity/Privacy) that show you how much time you spent on the platform. 
Limit your time on social media this week, especially when you wake up and before bed. You don't want to set a negative tone for your day or go to bed feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Instead, slot 1 hour a day when you will catch up on current events and make sure the info is from credible sources. Trust us, you will find out who the president ends up being through other various channels - no need to check the details every minute.
Controlling what you can. We can't stop many of the things going on in the world today but, we can influence the way we experience them. Each experience is a choice and being cognizant of that choice is empowering. Taking action is empowering. Are you feeling stressed scrolling through social media feeds?... PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list?... PRIORITIZE, TIME MANAGE AND/OR OUTSOURCE if possible. There are often events we cannot ignore but, if we have to go through with them regardless, make sure your time is spent wisely and you are not sacrificing your well-being.

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