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All Meal Prep Grocery Delivery can bring your grocery list items straight to you via our Grocery Delivery! So you want to skip the ease of ordering and having your All Meal Prep meals for the week? You can now prep your own meals for the week by using our grocery delivery system. The majority of any supermarket items can now be delivered to your front doorstep thanks to All Meal Prep branching out to provide Grocery Delivery for the people! Due to the widespread effects of COVID-19, we can save you the risk of going through the grocery store by cutting out the process entirely. We order our groceries from the same places that Tony’s, Pete’s Fresh Market, Cermak Produce, etc. do and in doing so cut out any risk that can be encountered at the grocery store. Through this contactless process, no risks need to be taken other than possibly burning yourself with your frying pan. Grocery delivery seems to be more of a realistic option with our current social climate so you can keep your distance from others and still get the fresh food you normally would!

Grocery delivery has become increasingly prevalent in today’s society. For a concept that started in Italy in the late 19th century by royalty (King Umberto and Queen Margherita), it has blossomed into a way of life for most. I bet you could guess what the first food delivered was due to the Queen’s name and the country they ruled in. What started out as a pure act of passivity to obtain that day’s nourishment, has developed into a thriving business concept so everyone can feel like royalty in the comfort of their own home. We at All Meal Prep want you to feel like royalty in a day and age where that feeling seems to be more escapable as each day passes. We would recommend ordering the meals we prepare for you, but understand if you want to do it yourself! So instead of stepping out to get your groceries, get them delivered straight to your palace and take it from there.

By the way, the King and Queen ordered a pizza :)

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