Learning From The Past

Published on: 10/07/2020 05:48 PM

What would happen if we learned from the past, worried less about the future, and intentionally lived in the present moment?
         Mindfulness can apply to small things, like our breath, and big things like the direction of our lives. When you bring your attention to the present moment, the only real moment you have, you are practicing mindfulness. While there are many practices you can take on to embrace this, it is very much so a lifestyle. It takes time and effort like everything in the start, and it's not something that can be done all the time (we are human after all) but, with small practices of mindfulness in our daily life, we can become more aware of where we are placing our energy, and whether our lives are aligned with our values.

Check out the challenges below for ideas on how to bring mindfulness into your daily life.


At the end of each day, write down three positive things that happened and one change you'd like to see. Writing our thoughts and feelings down makes the experience feel more real & important and, it allows you to reference them later on to see how you've progressed. There is always something positive in our day - it's just up to us to acknowledge it.


Add mindfulness bells to your day. A Mindfulness bell can be anything in your environment that gives you a cue to breathe and check-in with the present moment. This can be a traffic light - instead of getting caught up in the stress of driving, use it as a moment to breathe and become more aware of your surrounding. Some other mindfulness bells can be the sound of your coffee machine running or a quote you have on the wall.

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