Think about all the tasks

Published on: 09/23/2020 05:48 PM

       Think about all the tasks you complete in one day and all the distractions in between. Which of these are in your control and which are not?

We are constantly being hit with emails, texts, social media notifications, etc. and with the new quarantine living we've taken on, these have bled into the "after hours" of the day where we were usually able to decompress. This has become a measure of success - working 50+ hours and giving your blood, sweat and tears to keeping your company (or whatever you are working towards) afloat.

Let this be your reminder: burnout is not a badge of honor. Your physical & mental health should not be sacrificed for it.

Check out the challenges below for ideas on how to bring mindfulness into your work.



Notice the way your keyboard feels, sounds, and looks. Does it feel smooth? Is it dusty? How does your typing sound/feel when you are responding to a crucial email or text? This can help you clear your mind and reconnect with those everyday objects that surround you.


Each day for the next week, block three - 5 minute sessions on your calendar to just breathe, stretch and regroup with your thoughts and feelings. Blocking time on your calendar or setting alarms on your phone for this will make it feel more mandatory and "important". At the end of the week, make note of how you proceeded with your day after taking these mini breaks. Were you more focused & at-ease?

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