Glass Meal Prep Containers

Microwave Safe

This is an obvious plus verses using plastic that melts or potentially leaches into your food!

Oven Safe

With some food we recommend using the oven instead of the microwave, be sure to use caution and safety when doing so!

Dishwasher Safe

Holds up very well in the dishwasher!

Environmentally Safe

Thats right no need to end up in the landfill or ocean if you can re-use over and over again!

Glass Meal Prep Containers are the highest quality type of meal prep containers on the market today. Click the picture to purchase your set of 10 glass meal prep containers. Pack 10 meals for the week to get your meal prepping going. The majority of results from diet and exercise comes from what you eat. Help the environment by using re-suable glass meal prep containers. These glass meal prep containers are oven safe, microwavable safe and dishwasher safe! What a better combination.