Use Re-usable glass not plastic

Environmentally Conscious

All Meal Prep Races to no Plastic

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Polluting Oceans

Plastic Polluting Beaches

This is an obvious plus verses using plastic that melts or potentially leaches into your food!

With some food we recommend using the oven instead of the microwave, be sure to use caution and safety when doing so!

Holds up very well in the dishwasher!

Thats right no need to end up in the landfill or ocean if you can re-use over and over again!

All Meal Prep has set the industry standard for a very low tolerance of non-reusable usage. We do not use plastic bags, plastic or styrofoam containers and aim to re-use the majority of our meal prep containers.

Glass Meal Prep Containers

All Meal Prep Glass Meal Prep Containers are the highest quality type of meal prep containers on the market today. The meal prep containers shown in the picture are microwave safe meal prep containers, oven safe meal prep containers, dishwasher safe meal prep containers and environmentally safe. Read more about it below or click the picture to purchase your new high quality meal prep containers. With this set of glass meal prep containers you’ll be able to pack 10 meals for the week to get your meal prep started!

Microwave Safe Meal Prep Containers

With the  All Meal Prep Glass Meal Prep Containers you’ll have the confidence you need to microwave your yummy food. By choosing glass over plastic you wont have to worry about the migrating chemicals from the plastic going into your food. According to the Harvard Health “BPA and phthalates are used to make plastic containers and mimic human hormones and not for the good. When food is wrapped in plastic or placed in plastic container and microwaved, BPA and phthalates may leak into the food. Any migration is likely to be greater with fatty foods such as meats and cheeses than with any other foods.” You may learn more about the potential harmful effects by click this link to the Health Harvard Page.

Oven Safe Meal Prep Containers

That’s right our meal prep containers are also oven safe! This means you can put your meal prep into the oven and bake your food. Some people prefer using ovens instead of microwaves, this gives you the quality you need to make a breakfast Quiche or anything else you can think of individualized into the oven allowing you to save a few steps.

Environmentally Friendly Meal Prep Containers

All Meal Prep has given a lot of thought into the type of meal prep containers that we offer, and we’ve decided by offering the highest quality glass meal prep containers is the best way to go. Using these re-usable glass meal prep containers we’re all able to make the conscious choice to use this over and over again instead of tossing more plastic into the environment “hoping” it will get used again. There’s enough waste in the environment why add more waste?

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