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Meal Prep is preparing your meals ahead of time, so you do not have to struggle day in and day out cooking different meals every day. Even someone that is passionate to cook but has a fulltime job finds difficulty finding time to cook or may not have time at all. The best part about meal prepping is knowing that your healthy food is with you, instead of going to a fast food restaurant wondering about the quality of food you may have selected or feeling guilty afterwards for consuming what is entirely unhealthy.

“The process of meal prepping shortens the mundane task of grocery shopping, if you want to get things done quickly and efficiently, this is another reason why meal prepping is for you.”

If you’re new to meal prepping you may wonder what type of meal prep containers should I use? We highly recommend storing your delicious food in quality containers that will keep your meals fresher for a longer period of time. We prefer high quality glass meal prep containers because worrying about plastic getting to your food should be a thing of the past. Another upside to glass meal prep containers is they are much easier to clean! Glass is much smoother making it easier for you to wash when your finished using your glass meal prep.

After selecting your glass containers, you’ll need to select your meal plan recipes for the week or the next few days. The downside of meal prepping yourself is selecting what you’ll want to eat for the next few days. The idea of meal prepping is to save time and energy. You wouldn’t want to cook 9-15 unique meals all in one day. What most people do when meal prepping is decide to eat chicken and pasta for the week. It’s common for an individual to choose a package of chicken breasts from the grocery store, as well as a side of veggies or potatoes, pasta and pasta sauce. This simple grocery shopping will save you time and potentially money if you like to eat out a lot. Let’s be honest as well, meal prepping will let you eat healthier and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The next step to is to get in the kitchen. Preparing for 3 days in advance is common, the portions of the chicken and the amount of meals your meal prepping for will dictate how long you’ll be in the kitchen. If your baking the chicken you bought from the grocery store expect yourself to bake for over for over 40 minutes. While, your chicken is being baked start to prepare your side dishes. From seasoning your chicken, preparing your sides, preheating the oven, storing your food for later, and washing the dishes expect preparing your meal preps to last at least an hour and a half on the quick side, sometimes meal prepping will last 2.5 hours or longer depending on what you’re making and how much of it you’re making.

Now you are done with your meal prepping! Remember you are already saving time and money by meal prepping. From grocery shopping to meal prepping expect to allocate 3 hours of your time to your first session of meal prepping for 3 days of meal prepping. The second day of meal prep will likely be three days later where you’ll dramatically save time. If your experienced with cooking pasta prepping your next couple of days should be a lot quicker, expect to devote 30 minutes of your time to this next meal prep day. You’ll make pasta, serve your portions and wash your dishes. The best part is that you don’t need to use your oven.

Viola, after completing all above you are officially a meal prepper. If this sounds like too much work or you don’t have the time to meal prep choose our meal delivery service here.

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