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All Meal Prep Team Program

What are some of the benefits of Meal Prepping?

1.) Save Time (save 6hrs a week on average to do something else),

2.) Save $$ (spend less than 10$ a meal vs eating out and spending more)

3.) Eat healthy without sacrificing taste (better than last minute unhealthy choices)

4.) Environmentally aware (we use microwavable glass containers vs plastic waste)


Why be a part of this program?

Why be a part of this program?

  1. Clients get results faster
  2. 70% of abs is what you eat in the kitchen and 30% of the gym
  3. Happy clients = more referrals for Personal Training services


  1. As a Team member of All Meal Prep (trainers, brand ambassadors) YOU are automatically enrolled in our Prime Membership (Free Delivery for the year).
  2. After 10 total orders from clients referred by you, you’ll receive your own meal prep pack for the week Or $100
  3. Maintain and you’ll constantly get paid or meal preps delivered to your door.

10 Orders = Meal Prep Pack for the week (10 meals)

This can be done in multiple ways

  • 5 clients order for 7 weeks
  • 1 client orders for 35 weeks
  • etc.

50 orders = Bonus

This can be done in multiple ways

  • 5 clients order for 10 weeks
  • 10 clients orders for 5 weeks
  • etc.

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