Meal Prep Packs

Chef’s Variety

The Chefs Variety Meal Prep Meal Plan is quite the special, it offers a variety healthy meal prep options  from our entire menu selection. You’ll get the best of mouth-watering meat meal prep’s, yummy seafood meal prep’s and healthy vegan meal prep menu options.

Vegan Choice

The Vegan Choice is best for Vegan food lovers, for those who do not want to anything that comes from the life of an animal. We have crafted a delicious menu for out vegan friends. Please enjoy our delicious vegan meal preps, prepared by our experienced chefs.

Seafood Lover

For all of the seafood lovers out there, enjoy our variety of seafood platters from shrimp lingiuni to seared salmon! Our Seafood Meal Prep’s have been carefully selected and created by our experienced team of master chefs. Enjoy our high quality seafood meal preps.

Meat Head

For our meat heads! This high protein meat meal prep food intake schedule will be sure to help you get the gains you have been looking for. Enjoy our variety of savory chicken meal preps and delicious steak meal preps. MMmm enjoy your all meat meal prep!

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