What is All Meal Prep?

All Meal Prep offers you delicious gourmet healthy food options for you to eat healthy during the week.

  • Delicious food
  • Healthy choice
  • Prepared food
  • Chef prepared food
  • Free Delivery

Why All Meal Prep?

All Meal Prep saves you hours a week! No more traffic to go grocery shopping, No more waiting in lines to checkout, No more prepping food, No more cooking, No more washing pots and pans to cook, No more last minute unhealthy food options! Plus we have the best tasting food period.

  • Save time with all meal prep
  • Save money with all meal prep
  • Eat better with all meal prep
  • Environmentally conscious meal prep team
  • Self-Aware lifestyle choice meal prep team
  • Best meal prep team ever!

How does All Meal Prep work?

All Meal Prep

  • Order before Saturday before 6 p.m. cst
  • Meal Preps are prepared Sunday Morning
  • Meal Preps are delivered Sunday Evening
  • You have 10 meals per selection giving you to ability to always have your delicious chef prepared lunch and dinner prepared
  • Enjoy 5 lunches
  • Enjoy 5 dinners
  • We pick up your containers and delivery bag on your next delivery
  • Enjoy and repeat

What are the benefits of All Meal Prep?

All Meal Prep is both environmentally and health conscious. All Meal Prep works with ONLY experienced chef’s. Most importantly All Meal Prep saves you TIME.

  • Save time grocery shopping
  • Save time cooking
  • Save time washing pots and pans
  • Save time thinking about your next meal
  • Save money from eating out
  • Eat healthy
  • Be prepared
  • Food is prepared by executive chef’s
  • Reduce total waste and reduce our carbon footprint by using our Free delivery service

Meal Prep containers?

Yes we deliver our freshly made, great tasting food in special glass containers because we care about the environment period. Do you? Also it’s very convenient and cool. We do take a deposit on the containers to help incentivize individuals to return their glass containers, so we can re-use and re-duce total waste.

  • Specialized glassware
  • Oven Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Incentives to return your meal prep containers

How fresh is All Meal Prep

We cook your meal preps and deliver your meal preps the same day. We only strive to be the best meal prep option for you.

  • Meal Preps prepared same day
  • Meal Prep delivered same day
  • Fresher than most if not all

Do we have vegan meals?

ABSOLUTELY! We have vegan meal preps available for all vegans….thank you for being health conscious and environmentally aware of your food choices.

  • corn risotto
  • pea risotto
  • lentils and rice
  • greek-quinoa salad
  • baked pasta
  • more coming soon!

Free Meal Prep Delivery?

All Meal Prep delivery service, delivers to a 25 miles radius from our Commercial Kitchen. We deliver Sunday between 2 p.m. – 9 p.m.  c.s.t. We also pick up your previous delivery bag and glass containers with your next delivery.

  • Free Delivery on your first order
  • After your first order it’s 9.99
  • You may become an All Meal Prep Prime Member for free delivery for 12 months

Is All Meal Prep a Green?

All Meal Prep has structured our business to keep our planet in mind. We use minimal plastic and use glass containers to deliver to customers. We also provide free delivery and by doing so our customers don’t have to drive as frequently as they normally would going grocery shopping, eating out and or ordering takeout one meal at a time.


Yes, we keep a refundable deposit when your containers and delivery bag are returned undamaged. Each meal prep container is valued at $5 USD. If it’s damaged in anyway we will deduct it from your deposit.

  • Deposit for containers
  • Deposit for delivery bag
  • Total deposit $50
  • Refunded when items are returned

Convenience Fee?

If you don’t feel like returning your deposited items, we can send a driver to pick up your refundable items for a $10 convenience fee.


“This facility handles and operates in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish” Let us know what your allergies are on the order notes at the checkout page so we can accommodate your requests.


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or any other food products may increase your chance of food-borne illness. These dishes may be cooked to order.